About Me

Firstly, I am a follower of Jesus my Savior. That influences every part of my life, personal and business. I am a wife to my amazingly talented husband and business partner. We have three beautiful and busy babies who are growing much too fast. Capturing every detail of their lives is what blossomed my passion for photography. 

I shoot because I want to remember the way he gives that shy smile. I never want to forget how she hugs so tight with her whole body! I want to freeze in time that moment when she took her first steps. I shoot so I can relive these moments.

I want to do that for you too, whatever the momentous occasion. As much as I love photographing families and children, I have fallen in love with wedding photography.


My style is very journalistic. I love documenting every detail that I know so much planning, thought, and work was put into. More than that, I love capturing the emotion of a wedding day. I want to capture the way he looks at his bride; the pause just before the kiss. The look on her father's face when he sees her in the dress. I pretty much tear up at every wedding! 

I want to help you remember every wonderful moment and emotion you experienced that day.